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We Working!!

Hello America!!

Hope all is well just giving you a update on how everything is going. My album cover is officially done and Im very excited for it so be on the look out for the album picture coming soon. Also studio is open for business so if you need mixing, beats, mastering etc. hit me up at 510-459-0535. My baby is almost here so I been getting ready for that as well im so excited I can't wait to just hold her in my arms america, I also got a new car so the baby will be very comfortable as well lol!!! I been working on a couple of projects and one movie series that is called "Red Hood" so look out for that too as well. I know I don't post a lot of content but I will be changing that soon just gotta sort some things out and get more help of course lol. Im still doing my radio station every Friday and Sunday at 9pm please don't miss out the link is . Well I talked enough for now catch you later america!!!

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