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Life Journey

Hello America!!!

I know I know its been a while since I posted something on here I guess I fell off on the blog side because I started focusing more on the music, and life and the focus is still there on the music but I feel that I haven't really connected with America on a personal level. So a lot has been going on in my life so far but I couldn't be more happier then i'am now. I purposed to my fiancé on my birthday weekend last year so whoo whoo very excited about it and of course we were planning the wedding and boom now we have a little one on the way yes you guest it!! Wify prego and its a girl!!! her name will be

"Micah Mary Alice Anderson" she is expected to be here on Nov. 11,2020!!We are so excited for her to be here and with her on the way I been grinding harder lol. I have a new radio station called

"Shh!! Just Let It Happen Radio" that air's Friday & Sunday at 9pm PCT, I play a variety of songs on there from local artists, underground artist to mainstream. Also I will be interviewing local Dispensaries and growers of cannabis so we can educate everyone about the benefits of weed, how to grow, whats the difference between sativa and indica etc..Also on the subject of weed I will be hosting event's soon with infused 3 course dinner with music and goodies so stay Tooned for that as well. Moving on I have a album coming out that's call "World Domination" because on this album I have a little something for everyone. What I mean is that I have all different genres on my album I didn't want my album to sound like anything out there I wanted it to be different, unique and powerful at the same time. Music is what unite's us all together, music is the heart beat of unity and with my music I strive for unity, good vibes, positivity, understanding and comfort. Music will always be me, music has saved me from a lot and helped me through tough times, music has allowed me to see the world in a way thats amazing. Im sorry America I can go on and on but stay Tooned for more blogs and music I appreciate the support whoo whoo!!

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