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Damm Plan's!!

Well America,

I been trying to post some videos for some time now and I can't because it seems that I don't have the rite plans or something. I Purchased a plan and thought it was all good and now the same thing is happening. But it's all gravy we gone make it happen one way or another so I can get these videos to ya'll. On a positive note, I'll be throwing a beach party in the next month. The location is Donny Beach in Santa Cruz. I'll be keeping you updated with info in my next post. Also remember to tune in to my radio station "Shh!! Just Let It Happen Radio" Friday and Sunday 9pm - 10pm (PCT) . so for the set's of these radio shows I never make a list I just go with how I'm feeling because that to me is authentic and fun!! it's always gonna be the same link every time www.mixcloud.com/live/Dj-Bucket-Naked/ . Lastly my album is close to being done im just going through some songs and picking art work for the album cover and back . see ya'll next time